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How Children and Adolescents Understand the Issue of Refugees

The collaborative study by the International Central Institute for Youth and Educational Television (IZI) and the Media Authority of North Rhine Westphalia (LfM) represents the first comprehensive series of studies on the subject of adolescents and refugees. As part of this, in March (n= 741) and September (n= 1,448) 2016 a representative sample of 6 to 19 year-olds were asked about their knowledge and attitudes towards refugees, and relations between these and their media usage were identified. In the qualitative part, 147 6 to 11 year-olds were interviewed in questionnaire-supported interviews with both open and standardised questions and creative components, and 166 12 to 18 year-olds filled in a corresponding age-appropriate questionnaire.    

The results of the study series are published in TELEVIZION 30/2017/ E “Refugees, integration and the media”